Month: January 2019

Norway-Style Brexit & UK Finance: CutPay Merchant Services

2018 was rather turbulent for The UK economy. The UK’s economy growth slowed down, and the Bank of England set the highest rates since the financial crisis. What can you expect from Norway-style Brexit? Will it allow the UK to shape rules on finance? Are you looking for a merchant services provider such as Cutpay Merchant Services? This article is about all this.

What Norway-Style Brexit Is

The suggestion concerning the prime minister’s search for a “plan B” on following Norway’s relationship with the EU is moving towards the desired results. Well, what’s this Norway model? It includes the following main European organisations: The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the European Economic Area (EEA). Norway, together with Lichtenstein and Iceland, is a member of the mentioned organisations.

Being in EFTA-EEA would make it realistic for the UK to access the single market without any exceptions. As a result, the number of impediments on the way towards the UK-EU trade and continued single market treatment for services would drop. By the way, these represent nearly 80% of the UK economy.

According to people who are for a Norway-style Brexit, this could be appealing to Brexiteer MPs since it’s associated with … Read More